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Changshu City Sunrise Nonwoven Machinery Co., Ltd. is a production of "Sunrise" series of complete sets of non-woven fabric of professional equipment company. The company has a number of 20 years of research, design, manufacturing non-woven and non-woven production technology and equipment outstanding talent. Mission: honest and trustworthy, quality first; customer first, dedicated service; mutual benefit and win-win, harmonious development. The spirit of enterprise: scientific development, seize the opportunity; keep making progress, Scale the heights; hard work, unity and hard work. Business philosophy: people-oriented and scientific management; sincere cooperation and mutual respect; safety, orderly.






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Blending Tank

Cotton cotton storage tank at a controlled amount of cotton tank feed roller (speed adjustable) roller diameter of 100mm

Forward to cotton, soft grip, opening thugs diameter 200mm, fiber damage is small.

Under hopper equipped with a pressure fan, positive pressure, Swiss imports of cotton tank pressure sensor monitors the pressure

High-speed machine needle

Spinning machine-using needle has a triangular cross-section or other shapes

Thorn in the side edge with a barbed hook for repeated puncture web

From the cross into the net or airlaid machine machine webs

Barbed barb needle will drive the fiber web surface and sub-surface

Ordinary non-woven production line

The unit production of cotton is a substitute for hard sponge

Hard cotton oven made of stainless steel chain plate structure

Packaging intact smooth surface

Joint production line process unit


Independent R & D team, strong

More than 20 R & D team to develop products with international standards, advanced processing technology, improve efficiency, monthly production reached more than 100

High precision process to ensure product

From raw material to finished product, after a total of 10 standardized production process, every procedure have been strictly careful monitoring, to minimize errors and ensure product quality

Years of research and development and sales

Sunrise nonwoven machinery are based on each customer tailored to each machine before the production have been professional test platform test after passing the factory, Sunrise nonwoven machinery industries in the industrial field

More stable performance

Sunrise nonwoven machinery from Japan, Europe and Taiwan imported brands, components used in Japan, the United States, Taiwan imported brands

The most reasonable matching system

Sunrise R & D team for each model must first go through a computer simulation, the output higher, so as to achieve energy-efficient

Tailored to your most effective solution!

The establishment of a sound service system, eliminating the customer's worries, free technical services free of charge upfront design free guide to install the free one-year warranty


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